Project Management in Practice

Multi-Project Environment

March 22nd, 2018 - Slovenia, Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

KEYNOTE: Jan Willem Tromp

Jan Willem Tromp

How to Manage a Multi-Teaming Environment

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KEYNOTE: Milos Tipsarevic

milos tipsarevic

Effective supplier integration in a multi-project organization



1. What is the Problem and Solution to Manage a Multi-Teaming Environment

2. Communication game & how dispersed teams communicate

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About Conference

Multi-Project Environment
The merging of project and product management


This years conference "Project management in practice" brings one of the most challenging themes of project management, that is the handling of a multi-project environment and resource management. Today one of the largest problems of organizations is that they have too many projects in execution at the same time, which means that project resources are usually too spread out, and a delay in one project often means a delay in many others. The market and the buyers in the meantime do not just wait still, waiting for you to handle the challenges of multi-project work, but instead redirect to those who do not have these issues. In the first introductory keynote, we will examine a special method of managing resources in complex multi-project environments.

Often times participants from outside the organization take part in the multi-project environments such as distributors or participants of other areas of organization management such as product management. Very often both at the same time. In the second keynote, we will take a look at the merging of project and product management with an emphasis on supplier team integration in product development in various organizations such as in Ford or Danfoss. The first example from practice will also be linked to project and product management environments in the Iskratel Group.

If we can perhaps run a project "manually/by hand" so to speak, in a multi-project environment we cannot manage without the necessary tools. Another example from practice we will take a look at the new and innovative project tool from a Slovene start-up environment, that is gaining notoriety in the world and at home, as besides managing project management also contains elements of product development (opportunities and clients, work orders) all in accordance to ISO standards and the audit trail for those organizations that need it.

The practical demonstration will be in the afternoon followed by 3 concurrent workshops. As such every participant will be able to find an interesting practical part, the continuation of the introductory lecture with the demonstration of managing resources in projects, the gaming of communication or the practical exercises in building successful cooperation of various teams.

As you can see, this years conference, which is the 9th Project management in practice conference in a row, will be highly interesting, as such we invite you to apply quickly.






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