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Invisible factors of successful projects - February 10 - 2015 - Slovenia, near Ljubljana

An invitation to conference sponsors

The Project Management in practice conference, as its name implies, is very practically oriented. Its key goal is presenting cases of projects and project management that are not based only on project science and methodological grounds. The conference is therefore a combination of gathering information, education and project development skills, exchange of practical experience and approaches, including design tools, all for the effective implementation of projects in the daily operation of businesses and other organizations.

The main topic of this year's conference is:

Conditions for promoting project success taken from practice 

Studies about successful project execution show that no progress has been made regarding the percentage of successful projects, despite all the years spent developing project methodologies, writing books and increasing membership in global project organization. The success rate is still under 50%. It would be even lower if business effect realization was taken into account. How can this be?  Do we not learn from our mistakes? Do we lack knowledge or adherence to good practices?

New lecturers as well as best rated lecturers from previous years will present their practical experience. The recurring lecturers will adapt the contents and execution of their presentation to this year’s main theme. 

Based on practical project experience, they will show:

  • what are the key success factors for preparing and executing projects,
  • what brings business benefits and value for the stakeholders,
  • that the success of the project is more than just "on time, on budget, within scope",
  • reasons for failed projects.

We would like to invite providers of services and programming solutions from the areas of project knowledge and facilitating project culture to become sponsors of the conference and therefore increase their visibility on the Slovenian project market. You will not only be included into the marketing material for the conference itself, but you will also receive a whole year worth of advertising on the website of the Slovenian project management community and in the newsletters for more than 300 members

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Aleš Štempihar, company director in Askit d.o.o. and conference organizer

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