Project Management in Practice

Multi-Project Environment

March 22nd, 2018 - Slovenia, Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel


   Milos Tipsarevic, Bluemond 13:30 - 16:00

milos tipsarevicThis game is a reflection on:

  • how we communicate and
  • what implication it may have on the team effectiveness and on our ability to meet overall project objectives.

Communication is not only important internally to the team but also externally (suppliers and customers).

One of the key focuses of effective customer collaboration is to involve the customer early into the product development process; therefore it is important to prepare the best strategy to engage the customer and obtain the best possible feedback to perfect the product specification before proceeding with detailed design.

Effective communication can be challenging if we do not plan it or if we do not have tools to involve each other. On the outset of the game the participants will have a chance to reflect on their ability to plan and execute the communication with the customer and what they could do better next time.


   Jan Willem Tromp  13:30 - 16:00

Jan Willem TrompDuring the workshop we will go into the details of the complexity in multi teaming / multi project management. Especially for the workshop we will use a simulation program that supports our understanding and gives us possibilities to compare different approaches in solving the above mentioned complexity. We will work from understanding of the problem to the development of the solution. We also give the attendees the possibility to manage their multi project environment with the simulator. After the workshop you will understand what is needed to be done in your multi project environment.

If possible bring your laptop with windows with you. You will get a free simulation program to understand the complexity of the multi teaming environment.






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